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Traci has been there and been on the other side of those problems when you’re making money, traveling with your family, and have a loyal team of stylists with a wait-list of people who want to work in your salon.She discovered that with the right system in place, salons can earn consistent cash, whether you want to get to 6 figures or break the 7-figure ceiling, and she’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned with struggling salon owners. Traci believes that every salon can be a million-dollar salon when you follow the steps in her Iconic Salon System™.

As a Salon Business Consultant, she doesn’t put your salon into a cookie cutter program and making you go with one product line or distributor. She gets to know you, your clients, your stylists, and your salon from the parking lot to the back door. She helps you bridge the gap with your team to align your goals and share a common mission for your salon. This includes ongoing education, sales training, consistent policies, branding, and much more.

It’s time for you to learn how to market yourself and have your team booked solid. She can help get you there.

Meet Traci Miller

Salon Business Consultant
+ Founder of Salon Sophisticate

Traci Miller is a Salon Business Consultant, speaker, and founder of the Iconic Salon System™. She uses more than 30 years of experience as a 6-figure stylist and owning a million-dollar salon to get you results. Her best clients rave about her consistently going the extra mile to create and implement custom plans to make your salon the one you dreamed of when you first opened your business.

When you started your salon, you wanted to create opportunities for other stylists, to get out from behind the chair, and finally run a salon the way you believed would be best. Then, reality happens, and you’re struggling to cover the lease, there’s service disparity between your stylists, and all your clients still only want to work with you.

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